Implementing New Technology Right the First Time

At the Beginning 

  1. Invest in strategizing and re-engineering the process upfront. Articulate the process; Envision brand new architecture and avoid implementing the legacy architecture. This can require a significant investment but will pay for itself down the road.

  2. Obtain buy-in from necessary business teams and users. Onboard them from the start.

  3. Invest in training your team. This will be a catalyst for active participation and will optimize dependencies on temporary consultants.

  4. Find the right Project Manager and create an integrated, holistic plan that is owned by the Product Owner. The PM should be experienced in handling senior and on-ground resources and be enabled to make decisions.

  5. Discuss and agree on the approach and methodology in detail

    with the team. Create metrics and methods of tracking progress.  

During Implementation 


About the Author: Ritesh Agrawal

Ritesh is a Technology Strategy Expert with experience in leading Business Intelligence, Predictive Insights, and Process Re-engineering projects. Ritesh is a Principal at Voiant Group Inc., focusing on Technology Transformation Projects across several use cases. Ritesh has held leadership positions at large global Consulting firms including PwC, Ernst & Young, BDO, and KPMG, where he worked with the Board of Directors and Senior Executives of global companies. He is a Chartered Accountant as well as has a Masters in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence from Queen’s University, Canada.

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