5 Things to Know Before Implementing Sales Performance Management Technology

Big Decisions Require Big Questions  Making the decision to embark on purchasing a piece of Sales Performance Management technology to improve your sales capabilities is a large decision, and it is not one to be made without ample preparation. Your decision must be considered carefully because it will affect your sales operations or field force. If you have the right preparation and plan in place this decision can turn out to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. Your challenges, whether they stem from: a lack of automation, a desire to operate more strategically with compensation plans or territory design, or better sales coaching and guidance through analytics, the company you choose to partner with must be able to address your concern and in a way that will satisfy your critical constituents in the sales organization. These are a few of the important questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about embarking on a sales transformation, and how to tell if you’ve chosen the right technology and partner to help you navigate the process.






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