How to Get Your Annual Go-to-Market Planning Right

With the end of the year fast approaching, we understand that your annual planning process is in full swing. The pressure is on, and you and your teams are busy setting territories & quotas, building and enhancing incentive plans, setting financial targets, defining business strategies, allocating budgets, reorganizing structures, and planning for future hires. It's a critical time for your organization, and there are a lot of moving parts, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming, and it doesn’t have to lead to employee burn out.  In this video, Josh Berger, our VP & Partner, will outline a few ways to ease the annual planning burden for you and your team. 


How Voiant Can Help You With Your Annual Planning 

Enacting Business Changes

Firstly, we can help our clients enact the necessary business changes into their planning system. Many of our clients turn to us because their RevOps teams lack the specialized skillsets or the time to make these essential adjustments while managing their day-to-day responsibilities.

Future Enhancements

Secondly, we're here to assist in supporting future enhancements and addressing support requests that arise throughout the year. This ensures that you're well-prepared to adapt to market conditions, employee performance, and other unforeseen changes that are bound to arise.

The ultimate goal is to be fully prepared to hit the ground running as the new year begins. We aim to put you on a fast track to revenue optimization, ensuring that your available resources are used efficiently and that changes are smoothly incorporated. Collaboration between various business functions, such as Finance, Marketing, and Sales Operations, is crucial as the year progresses.

If you’re wondering where or how to start making changes to your annual planning process, Voiant can help by assessing your current state and providing recommendations on how to mature your data management and planning capabilities. We will create an easy-to-follow strategic roadmap to a more efficient process that will also lead to revenue growth.

If you need help to make the most of your resources and navigate the changes that come your way, we’re here to help.

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