Anaplan Practice Project: Restaurant Sales

Anaplan Practice Project

Learning a new technology, like any other skill, requires practice.  Murat Akkas, a Senior Business Solution Consultant here at Voiant, shares his Anaplan practice project using extracted SQL data from a pizza restaurant.
For this practice project, Murat copied a project that he had already done using other tools. He had completed this project previously withExcel, Python, Power BI, and Tableau. The aim was not to compare all of these tools but to practice Anaplan.
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Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 1.25.52 PM
 Some menu items, such as pizza, have different size options including small, medium, larger, and giant. Also, some beverages are offered in different volumes. Thus, I needed a size list. Some menu items have a single size, like soup, fries; therefore “one size only” refers only to those that have a single size on the menu.

About the Author: Murat Akkas

Murat is a versatile professional with strong business acumen with over ten years of data analytics experience in Financial Modeling & Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Visualization & Analytics, Time Series Forecasting, and Hypothesis Testing. Murat loves data and thrives on driving arguments with data to help businesses gain insights, make decisions, and solve complex business problems in a fast-paced environment. Prior to Voiant, Murat worked for Deloitte and the Ministry of Finance of Turkey and also worked as an independent consultant for international companies including one of the top five dairy companies in the world.

As a part-time lecturer, Murat taught data analytics at an online data science Bootcamp. Murat was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma while completing his master’s degree in finance at George Washington University. As a lifelong learner, he also holds a Ph.D. degree in business from Ankara University. He also volunteers with the Anaplan Talent Builder Guided (Elevate) program as a mentor.

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